Innovative Marketing Ideas

By Adam Briley

Are you looking for new and different ways to market to potential clients? Watch this video by Adam Briley of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate for more!

ADAM BRILEY is a real estate innovator and agent with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate. He is also a member of the REthink Council. Visit his website, find him on or tweet him @BrileyHomes.

2 responses to Innovative Marketing Ideas

  1. I really like what Adam is saying here. It is easy today with all the technology to think you are making an impact on a potential client when you are actually getting in the way of what is important. This strategy allows the client to review a very professional booklet with the message that “we are competent and have the resources and passion to represent you”. Videos that are short and emotionally impactful also help set the stage, but it still comes down to being tuned in to their needs, their interest and heir expectations. This is a people business that is all about the client and Adam is smart to be looking for ways to get the company image out in advance and to then be prepared to focus primarily on client needs at the listing appointment. Thank you for sharing this Adam.


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