Build Relationships By Getting to Know Your Clients

By Lisa Schultz

As a real estate agent, acquiring clients is a large portion of your workload.

However, once you’ve found your prospects, obtaining and maintaining those relationships becomes one of your primary responsibilities. Many agents lose clients because they aren’t fully meeting their clients’ needs or expectations. For example, the clients may expect to hear from their agent more frequently than they are being contacted. If they are dissatisfied with the service received or expectations are miscommunicated, the client may choose to do business with someone else.

The best way to avoid being ditched by your client is to establish a personal yet professional relationship and take the time to get to know your buyer or seller at the very beginning when a relationship is first forged. Follow these tips to build a healthy agent-client relationship.

  1. Take the time to answer all clients’ questions.
    The home buying and selling process can be very intimidating to those unfamiliar with the real estate industry. Make sure you aren’t leaving your clients with more questions than answers. Take the time to outline the entire process with them. Share insights about the market and how the process works.
  2. Demonstrate your experience.
    Show your clients that you not only know the area but also know the industry. Compile relevant information and data. Consider showing them specific statistics and information about their community.
  3. LISTEN!
    This is probably the most important thing you can do as a real estate agent. Listen to your clients’ wishes. Show them homes in their desired communities and stay within their price range. If your clients have certain requirements, don’t waste their time or yours by showing them homes that don’t meet their needs.
  4. Summarize and set expectations ahead of time.
    After meeting with a client, always recap what’s been discussed. Let your client know if you need information from them and what steps you’ll be completing next. Doing this will ensure that you’re both on the same page and moving forward together.
  5. Keep in touch.
    Whether it’s a current, past or prospective client, always stay in touch. Ask for their preferred method of contact, use social media channels to connect, help them sign up for your e-newsletter, send follow-up emails with useful information, and consider dropping a handwritten card in the mail. Staying in touch will help clients remember your name, make you more referable and help you establish a one-on-one connection that will last.

LISA SCHULTZ is the content marketing specialist for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties in San Diego, CA. To contact Lisa, email

One response to Build Relationships By Getting to Know Your Clients

  1. S.Jackson

    Great Information – just validating what most of us probably know WE should be doing and get sidetracked. Keep it simple – stay in the flow – and remember, we are here to serve!


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