How to Hold a Successful Open House (And Generate Leads While Doing It)

By Dallas Eichers

Everyone seems to be looking for a magic wand to generate leads. Wave your wand once and buyers and sellers are delivered right to your office door. Of course, there’s no such thing and lead generation programs offer the next-best solution, though not all programs are effective and some are too expensive to be worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong: There are agents who are wildly successful using lead-generation programs but the majority of real estate professionals tend to throw money at systems with few results.

What’s an agent to do when looking to generate new leads and meet new people? The answer is simple: Hold open houses!

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You Gotta Have Balance

By Stephen Ferguson 


Have you been up until midnight writing an offer? Skipped an event or child’s baseball game for a client or a deal? Went on a “vacation” and spent the entire time glued to your phone or tablet? Worked your way through a “day off,” texted clients all through a family dinner?

If you’re a hard-working real estate professional, the answer to one (or most) of these questions is probably yes.

Trust me, I’m not picking on you. I’ve been there. We all have. But I’ll also be the first to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a long-standing myth that for real estate professionals, we must be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and must answer every single call, text or email with lightning-fast immediacy.

Here’s a secret: We don’t. And I’m living proof.

I’ve been in real estate more than 15 years and at the start of 2016 made a vow to take my life back and start enjoying the benefits of the solid business I’ve built. How? Here are eight simple ways:

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How to Hire the Best Agent to Help You Buy or Sell Your Home

By Phillip MacArthur

There are a number of key elements that allow for a successful real estate transaction. One that is often overlooked is hiring the best agent possible who is most qualified and experienced in your specific type of transaction. Some consumers might, for example, hire an agent because he or she is a friend or family member. It’s always great to support those you know in the business but that agent may not be the best one for the job. Here are a few things to think about as you interview an agent to hire:

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Creative Marketing: How an Instagram Takeover Can Boost Your Business

By Crescent Seward

It’s no secret Instagram is a wildly popular social media tool for real estate agents, and not only to share gorgeous listing photos but also to generate leads. For years now, agents have gravitated toward visual-friendly Instagram as a powerful mobile platform to market themselves and their businesses. But the world of social media moves faster than you can say “new Snapchat filters” and now, it’s time to mix things up.

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By Kyle Rank

Watch this video to discover how focusing on a few key components of the real estate craft will allow you to take your business to new heights!

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Renting vs. Buying a Home

By Bryn Huntpalmer

Navigating the housing market and rental landscape can be an overwhelming and tricky task. There are so many factors to consider that when you are ready to finally take the plunge and decide, rent or buy, you might not even know where to begin!

I can certainly understand your struggle, so in an effort to help you make the best decision possible I broke down the process into an easy-to-read list of pros and cons for both. Just make sure to invite me to the housewarming party, OK?

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The National REthink Council: Apply Now!

Are you a top-producing, motivated leader in real estate? Are you interested in helping to create resources and tools that will enhance Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices nationwide? Apply now to join the national REthink Council, a group of recognized, passionate leaders within the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network. Visit REsource Center > REthink > National REthink Council and download the application today!

How To Eliminate The Peaks And Valleys In Real Estate

By Kyle Rank

Watch this video to discover ways you can generate more business by successfully navigating the ups and downs of the real estate industry. Click “play” to learn how you can always stay on top!

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Why Periscope Is Perfect for Your Business

By Lisa Schultz

Let’s face it: There are technology updates every second of every day and it’s hard to keep up. One of the latest innovations to hit the social media world is a new app called Periscope. It isn’t just another photo sharing app or a place to post your next status update, Periscope truly is a game-changer for both the social community and for real estate.

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Selling Real Estate on 5 Hours a Day

By Kim Gellatly

Nine months ago, before I had my baby, I was the typical agent; I worked 70+ hours each week with my days spent frantically racing from one appointment to the next. However, my real estate world came to a screeching halt with the birth of my baby girl. Now, it was all about making real estate fit into my schedule instead of the other way around. Currently, I have daycare five hours each day, five days per week and that’s it. And yet, I’m still on track to sell between 70-80 homes this year. How? By realizing it’s not about working harder but working smarter. Here’s my advice for any new-mom agents out there:

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