Creative Marketing: How an Instagram Takeover Can Boost Your Business

By Crescent Seward

It’s no secret Instagram is a wildly popular social media tool for real estate agents, and not only to share gorgeous listing photos but also to generate leads. For years now, agents have gravitated toward visual-friendly Instagram as a powerful mobile platform to market themselves and their businesses. But the world of social media moves faster than you can say “new Snapchat filters” and now, it’s time to mix things up.

Enter Instagram takeovers.

An Instagram takeover, loosely defined, is when one user “takes over” the account of another. This usually happens by sharing login information (don’t worry, you can always change your password once the takeover ends) and allowing that user to post on the guest account for a determined amount of time. It’s best to set guidelines in advance about what the guest can and can’t post and to check in periodically as the owner of the account to make sure the content isn’t too far from what your followers have come to expect from your account.triangle

Last month, I was asked to take over the popular @triangletorch account, manned by Kyle Rank, national REthink Council member and managing broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices York Simpson Underwood Realty. Rank allows a new user to take over the torch almost every week, allowing for a content stream that is unexpected, diversified and completely fresh. Followers know that each week a new user will have the account, so they’ve come to expect the unexpected.

It was my chance to show his 300+ Instagram followers in North Carolina my world on the West Coast.

For my own takeover, I had the account for a full week and posted experiences both at work and at home that I thought the @triangletorch audience might enjoy. It was my chance to show his 300+ Instagram followers in North Carolina my world on the West Coast. Luckily, because I work in PR and Communications for the national brand, I was able to share some sneak peeks of the Love Your Home Sweepstakes before it launched and tell the story from a national perspective.

crescentWhen I later asked Rank what he thought about the benefit of takeovers to real estate managers looking to recruit talent, he explained, “Our followers are exposed to a new identity with a new perspective, which increases the overall engagement,” he said. “Highlighting real estate in a positive manner will continue to promote the freedom, flexibility and unlimited financial opportunities that attract professionals from other fields into the real estate business.”

Instagram takeovers in the real estate industry are definitely on the rise, and so far, have proven to be highly effective for creative marketing and to infuse a new voice in your regular Instagram content stream. While giving up control may make you a little nervous, with the right takeover candidate at the helm, the rewards far outweighs the risks.

CRESCENT SEWARD works in the Communications & PR Department at HSF Affiliates. You can follow her on Twitter @CLSeward and on Instagram, @Lunarismoon.

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