The REthink Council Experience

By Cameron Deehr

When I was selected for the REthink Council, I had no idea what the next two years had in store for me or my business. I was honored to be named one of four inductees selected to the council for the 2017-2018 term, and I was eager to begin networking with the other fourteen council members, all of whom I knew would bring something different and exciting to the table. From focusing strictly on the luxury market or working as a buyer’s agent on a team, to sharing the best practices that help build and establish relationships with clients, all of the “know how” the other members have in their specific “niches” is impressive. It also makes REthink meetings ideal for learning at least one  new idea to implement into your own business.

The chance to network with these real estate rock stars and advise executive leadership several times each year is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has allowed me to grow tremendously both personally and professionally. A year ago, most of my clients were first-time home buyers or investors with a strict budget of under $100,000. Now, I’m an up-and-coming top luxury agent in my market place. I truly believe this is because of the REthink Council and all of its members.

Another reason I love this group is because of the great friends I’ve made in the last year. In an industry as competitive as real estate, it’s refreshing to see like-minded people with similar passions coming together to share ideas and stories of success without hesitation or reservation. We share a special bond; we encourage each other to be our best selves and the best agents. That kind of supportive collaboration in real estate is truly rare to find.

While serving on the REthink Council, I’ve also had the opportunity to travel across the country for the meetings. I was awestruck to sit at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices headquarters in Irvine, CA for our national meeting and was honored to visit several other innovative real estate offices nationwide for REthink mid-year meetings. It’s a tremendous blessing.

The mission of this group is to focus on the real estate market of today and tomorrow, and to keep its current and future agents successful with the best tools and resources our brand can offer. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is among the few brands in the industry that has anything like a REthink Council, and I believe the REthink Council is one extraordinary reason our brokerage network is the most innovative and fastest growing in the industry. For the chance to be a part of it all, I am forever humbled.

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