Woodmont Realty Boots Competition in Local Kickball Tournament

This summer, agents, brokers and friends of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty competed in the Nashville Sports League Boys and Girls Club 2016 Kickball tournament … and won! The triumph, however, wasn’t just a win for the kickball team—called The Comps after it was decided “Comparative Analy-kicks” was too long—but also for the spirit of togetherness central to Woodmont Realty.

“The idea to form a kickball team came about because we recently opened a new office and have been recruiting a lot of younger talent and wanted to find a way to bring our entire brokerage together,” said Tonya Hamilton, partner/vice president of relocation and business development at Woodmont Realty. “We thought kickball sounded like the safest option and knew it would encourage the kind of camaraderie and ‘work hard, play hard’ culture we want to foster at Woodmont Realty.”

Added Carolyn Davis, agent with Woodmont Realty, whose extensive kickball background deemed her organizer of the team, “We recruited people of all skill levels and kept getting better and better each game,” she said. “But by the size of the crowds we drew and their enthusiasm, you would’ve thought we weren’t competing in an amateur kickball league but going for Olympics gold!”

Still, eager crowds didn’t translate into many wins during regular season play and the team headed into the playoffs with a losing record. As the final games drew near, The Comps were certainly down but by no means out. “We had the attitude that we were already losing so who cares, we might as well have fun,” said Ginger Holmes, partner/broker of Woodmont Realty’s Nashville office. “And it worked! With a 4-0 record, we ended up being league champs of the social division, which was a victory for our team and also a lesson for our entire brokerage that if you work hard, persevere and keep at it, you’ll always come out on top!”

Team members pictured above from left: Damon Smith, Brian Hamilton, Tim Holmes, Tonya Hamilton, Ginger Holmes, Michael Pisano, Greg Goodman, Carolyn Davis, Wes Poole, Morgan Pisano, Stephen Delahoussaye, Chandler Downey, Halston Warren, David Pruett and Kadie Black.

Team members not pictured: Teryn Chapin, Dawne Harris, Kevin Jones, Angie Waskom and Tove Wright.

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