10 Reasons It’s Time to Revive Direct Mail Campaigns

By Xpressdocs

Has it been years since you were actively executing direct mail campaigns? You’re not alone. Many businesses made the switch to digital marketing campaigns years ago with the hopes of reaching larger target markets at a reduced cost. Some were able to achieve their goals from internet marketing alone. Yet most have not been able to achieve the results they expected from exclusively advertising on the web.

The reality is that most businesses can benefit from adding a direct mail campaign into their larger marketing strategy. In fact, there are many reasons why there’s never been a better time to leverage the opportunity to reach new and existing customers via mail. The following are 10 reasons why you should consider direct mail now.

  1. Targeted Marketing – Direct mail enables you to tailor your marketing to specific audiences. This is an ideal opportunity to reach both new customers that fit a specific demographic as well as to upsell and cross-sell to existing customers. In fact, sending out promotions to customers who have already made a purchase is a highly effective way to jumpstart sales and stay top of mind with those who are most likely to buy from you.
  2. Trackable Campaigns – Many marketers believe that online marketing is the only way to successfully track campaigns. However, by integrating your efforts, such as adding a unique URL or a QR code on mailed pieces, you can track how many visitors are landing on a page as a result of a campaign.
  3. Greater Customer Insights – Direct mail is also a good way to learn about customers. By simply sending out a survey on a reply card, you can gain valuable knowledge that can help you better position your brand, products and services. To generate the most response from a direct mail survey, offer a promo or a gift for responding. This is also a great way to get updated customer information and increase brand awareness.
  4. Increased Visibility – The average household only receives two pieces of direct mail per day but in that same period of time, receive an average of 157 emails. This means that your campaign is much more likely to generate interest when it arrives via “snail mail” instead of email. Consumers still open mail. In fact, according to the USPS, 81 percent of recipients read or scan mail on a daily basis. In other words, if you are sending a direct mail piece that is compelling, well-designed and informative, it will be read!
  5. Integrated Marketing Campaigns – Direct mail can create a one-to-one connection that lets you incorporate other marketing efforts, including coupons, reply cards, mobile bar codes and other response mechanisms. According to “The Little Book of Bigger Returns,” direct mail boosted ROI by more than 20 percent when it was part of an integrated marketing campaign.
  6. Versatility – When it comes to direct mail, the possibilities are nearly endless. Each piece can be tailored to the message, offer and purpose. For example, a four-color brochure with images and detailed content can be mailed to decision makers to help guide their purchases. A simple postcard mailer can be sent to those who may need a reminder about a maintenance contract that is about to expire or to promote a limited-time promotion. Coupons, catalogs, trifold brochures, flyers, sales letters, and more – there are many options. And they can all help to convey your brand image and message and support your marketing goals.
  7. Consistency – Many businesses choose to leverage the power of drip direct mail campaigns. These are well orchestrated pieces sent on a predetermined schedule that tell an ongoing story to the reader to strengthen brand awareness and jumpstart sales. A drip campaign can be very successful for introducing a new product. The first piece can share a few details to pique the reader’s interest. The second piece provides more information and the third can offer a promotion that compels the reader to take action.
  8. Cost Effectiveness – Many people believe that direct mail is too pricey to fit into a limited marketing budget. It is a fact that a letter and a brochure in an envelope can be more expensive than many online marketing campaigns. However, it’s important to calculate response rates. Non-direct mail marketing efforts such as social media require much more time and effort to generate the same amount of responses as one direct mail campaign. The good news is there are very affordable ways to launch a successful direct marketing campaign. A postcard marketing program offers a budget-friendly option that generates direct mail response rates without traditional direct mail costs. And, you can still tie in digital marketing efforts with a direct mail campaign with simple techniques such as adding your URL or where you can be found on social media on a postcard.
  9. Stand Out from the Crowd – Direct mail is tactile. When a customer opens up a package or envelope, he or she is establishing a physical bond with your brand. This simply cannot be done with digital marketing efforts. One of the most effective ways to leverage this benefit is to send out a “lumpy” piece that compels the customer to open it. It can be as simple as a pen or a notepad or as complex as a handcrafted box. This will not only press the recipient’s curiosity button; it can also jumpstart sales.
  10. Eliminates Cold Calling – Cold calling is one of the most difficult and least effective sales strategies. It can literally take hundreds of no responses before one prospect agrees to an appointment. By sending out a direct mail piece before making calls, you have already opened the door. It’s no longer a cold call but rather a follow up. This provides a better foundation for launching a conversation that can eventually turn into a sale.

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