10 Reasons It’s Time to Revive Direct Mail Campaigns

By Xpressdocs

Has it been years since you were actively executing direct mail campaigns? You’re not alone. Many businesses made the switch to digital marketing campaigns years ago with the hopes of reaching larger target markets at a reduced cost. Some were able to achieve their goals from internet marketing alone. Yet most have not been able to achieve the results they expected from exclusively advertising on the web.

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Instagram for Business: Eight Tips to Make Your Photos Last More Than an Instant

By Ellen Hill

The best advice I ever got was from a top-producing agent at my company. On my first day in the office, I strolled in, iPad in hand, ready to learn the real estate secret handshake and the office WiFi password. But instead of rattling off business apps I might use or online marketing systems to try, he sat me down in the biggest conference room at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties in Marietta, GA and simply spoke to me, one real estate professional to another. “Always remember that people want to work with people they like,” he said. “Business is just that simple.”

I quickly learned that he was right. Scripts and high-gloss brochures are great but at the end of the day, people want to work with people they like.

And that’s where Instagram comes in. Through photos and videos, the platform allows me to express exactly who I am so prospective clients can decide if they like me beyond my great listings, market data or awards. Because the platform is so popular, I’m able to reach a high volume of people in a short amount of time while being authentic and true to myself. It’s an easy way to win friends and influence listings, I promise.

But if you haven’t quite mastered being Instagram-authentic, here are eight tips to help:

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Why Periscope Is Perfect for Your Business

By Lisa Schultz

Let’s face it: There are technology updates every second of every day and it’s hard to keep up. One of the latest innovations to hit the social media world is a new app called Periscope. It isn’t just another photo sharing app or a place to post your next status update, Periscope truly is a game-changer for both the social community and for real estate.

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My HGTV Experience: A Sale of Two Cities

By Amanda V. Stepp-Marcum

Several months ago I received quite possibly the greatest email an agent could get. Subject: Would you like to be on HGTV? Ummm yes! Who has to even think about that!?

I’m a true fan of all HGTV shows, from Property Brothers to (of course) Fixer Upper and couldn’t believe I was being contacted by the same company responsible for the programs I watch—and obsess over—daily. In the email, the producers from A Sale of Two Cities said they found me online because of my strong marketing presence and asked if I had any clients searching for a home in my Richmond, KY market, priced around $500,000 to be featured on the show.

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How to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

By Kyle Rank

How do you properly use video in real estate?  I’ve got some tips to help beginners get started and for those already using video, I’ll elaborate on concepts you made not have tried. Click “play” to learn more!

KYLE RANK is a managing broker for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices York Simpson Underwood Realty, Chapel Hill, NC. Connect with Kyle on any of his social sites by visiting kylerank.me.

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