The Power of a Handwritten Note

By Megan Owens

In an age where technology and digital communication have become so prevalent in our society, we can often overlook the power of a handwritten note. There are two different kinds of handwritten notes: personal and business.

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics and adopt an old-school philosophy. We get hundreds of emails almost daily but so few personal notes in the mail. When we open our physical mailbox, persona letters are some of the first pieces of mail we open among all the junk mail and bills. Every time I receive a handwritten note in the mail, it makes me smile. It truly means a lot to me knowing that someone took time out of his or her day to write a little note. Personal handwritten notes are getting rarer by the day — where emails, tweets and text messages are more prevalent than ever — and it seems the natural evolution in how we deliver the written word is quickly becoming nothing but digital.

Notes indicate an investment in the relationship; they take longer to draft, each word carefully chosen with no “undo” or “autocorrect” to fix mistakes. Drafting one involves selecting stationery, paying for stamps and visiting a mailbox.

In business, inboxes can be flooded with an endless flurry of to-dos that have to be organized or responded to. A note of gratitude can often go unrecognized in the fray. In comparison, the average American receives just one note every seven weeks. Your note is sure to stand out, present a new business opportunity or to leave a lasting impression.

It can mean more than a “thank you.” Notes can follow up on a conversation, remind someone he or she is not forgotten, raise new issues, serve as a “well done” or even include a gift.

So the next time you are getting ready to shoot off a thank you text, grab a pen and note card instead and show your appreciation the handwritten way.

MEGAN OWENS is an agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate in Omaha, NE and holds a position on the national re_think Council. You can contact her at

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