Time to Celebrate: Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!


By Kim Gellalty

Each year on this special day, I take time to recognize the hard work of my administrator and administrative team.

If you have an excellent administrative assistant, you know he or she is invaluable. Your administrative assistant is the one who holds down the office as you race across town to show a buyer a new listing that may have 10 offers on it already; he or she is the person you can count on to write that last-minute addendum to include the seller’s cat because you completely forgot that your buyers wanted little Fluffy. As life savers and organizers, administrative assistants are more than just extra help; they’re the backbone of your business, helping you build a successful real estate career now and well into the future.

So let’s make sure to celebrate these wonderful people who help make our crazy, three-cups-of-coffee, can’t-stop-for-lunch lives a little more stress-free.rr-kgellatly-keyboard-typist

Here are some ideas to honor
your all-important administrator:

Plan Your Present. These people come to your rescue on a daily basis. Make sure you are thoughtful with your gift selection and don’t rush out at the last minute to pick up something. Allot a certain amount of money and take time to find something special.

Be Personal. Don’t just get a generic gift card. Gift cards are great but only when they’ve got a personal touch. Do some sleuthing and find out about a fun hobby your assistant enjoys—is he or she an avid cook? Basketball fan?—or discover a favorite dive bar, donut shop, etc. and see if they provide gift cards.

Do Your Research. Before you buy a gift, spend some time on sites like Pinterest, Etsy and Amazon; there are so many online resources out there to help you find the perfect “thank you” for your administrator.

Write Your Card. Yes, that means by hand. In this modern age of technology and texting, it means even more to receive a handwritten note. After you’ve selected your gift, get out your pen and paper and tell your administrative assistant exactly why you appreciate him or her. Highlight his or her incredible attention to detail, generous heart and great sense of humor. Be specific and thoughtful. This is your chance to tell your administrative assistant what an invaluable asset he or she truly is.

However you choose to do it, please make sure you thank your assistant today and express your appreciation for all the work done.

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day to all the hard-working administrators across the country and world! Thank you!

KIM GELLATLY is a REthink Council member and REALTOR® with Portland-based Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate. Visit Kim’s website www.gellatlyproperties.com or email her: kim@gellatlyproperties.com.

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