Moving an Office from Here to There: How to Prepare Your Agents

By Player Murray

The office of the future is a reality these days, and many are embracing the new look, feel and atmosphere of today’s work spaces. But how do you get from where you currently are—the traditional office space you’ve been in for years—to that shiny, new space that’s so different in many ways?

I’m going to be honest (because I just went through it), there are a lot of moving parts. A lot.

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#Technology: How Much Is too Much?

By Kyle Rank

Do you remember when real estate was conducted solely through office visits, phone calls and only with pen and paper? Or perhaps you get a feeling of nostalgia thinking about how you couldn’t wait for the next newspaper edition with your newest listing advertisement?

Business looked different not so long ago. Agents would sketch out their negotiations on a scrap piece of paper. Transactions would start and end with a firm handshake agreement. Some people refer to this era as the “good ol’ days.”

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State-of-the-Art Technology at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

By Sean Cawley

It’s obvious that everyone is buying products online these days.

From clothes to electronics and even homes, if you know what you’re looking for, it’s probably available on the web. In fact, with more and more Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices clients starting their home searches online, it’s no surprise that the Internet is now a major force in helping consumers find their perfect house. As a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent, I can confidently say that our brand provides a state-of-the-art shopping experience from start to finish.

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Misconceptions of Millennial Communication

By Melissa Kandel

A friend asked me yesterday if it was possible to sprain her thumbs from excessive text messaging.

“Of course you can’t,” I told her confidently, even though I had no idea. She shrugged, satisfied, and returned to her phone. We had met for a late afternoon coffee and these were our first words exchanged. For the better part of an hour, we sat in the corner of an almost-empty café, untouched lattes between us, phones in hand, silent except for the soft taps of fingertips on glass screens. Was this really the portrait of modern friendship?

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How to Win Business: Be the First

By Mark Brace


In my first-ever video for REthink Report, I’ll explain how to “Be the First.” Why is this practice so important for all real estate agents to understand? According to the National Association of REATLORS®’ latest profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, 66% of buyers and sellers worked with the first agent they interview.

But how can you be that first agent to get in front of potential clients? I’ve got some helpful tips and insight, so watch this video to find out more!

MARK BRACE is an agent with Grand Rapids, MI-based Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate. He is also a member of the REthink Council. To contact Mark, visit his website, find him on Facebook at or follow him on Twitter, @GRRealtor.

Harmonizing Hashtags: Thoughts on a Social Media Icon

Headshot Nicolle Davis

By Nicolle Davis

You know what the hashtag is, right?

It’s this thing: #

I always knew it as a musical symbol, a tic-tac-toe or the pound sign on a phone. But over the past few years, this familiar symbol has taken on an entirely new significance in an entirely new space ─ online media.

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How to Enhance Your Listings’ Web Appeal

Margaux Pelegrin

By Margaux Pelegrin

 I live in Philadelphia where snow has become a four letter word.

February is traditionally the beginning of our ‘spring market’ and yet here we are at the end of the month and nothing feels like spring! Each week brings a new threat of yet another snow storm – keeping kids home from school, parents on the brink of insanity and buyers behind their computers trolling the Internet for new listings instead of walking through streets to look at properties.

While the winter weather is no doubt to blame for decreased inventory and sales, many popular real estate websites are reporting a 25% increase in traffic from December. But cold weather troubles aside, a lot of buyers are starting their home searches on the web, which means our web presentation of listings is more important than ever.

With that in mind, here are some tips to optimize your listings’ web appeal.

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New School Technology, Old School Techniques

Sam Guillen

By Sam Guillen

 I love ‘new school’ technology.

Some would say I’m addicted. I’d say I’m eager to adapt what’s new. After a long and productive day at work, who wouldn’t want to set the temperature for an evening bath from a tablet device? Or, watch your son smack a homerun at his baseball game from your cell phone while you’re at a business conference 2,000 miles away?

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