This week as I sat down to write Thoughts on Leadership, I asked myself: What happens when thoughts won’t do? I cannot begin to understand the suffering, the agony or the hurt of the Black community after the death of George Floyd. This time, thoughts won’t do. But leadership is about a positive mindset and a commitment to actionable solutions that will empower, inspire and most importantly, create change.

And to create change, I can listen. We can all listen. We can learn. We can focus on perpetual improvement, becoming better tomorrow than we were today. And that starts now, which is why this post is coming to you three days early.

So, what’s the message? There isn’t one, definitive way to process the complex issues and difficult conversations that need to happen right now. There is, however, a universal shift to make toward greater inclusivity and even more support. We cannot be indifferent to make a difference. We must continue to provide the opportunity of home ownership for all communities fairly and without bias, whether intentional or unconscious. Now and forever our duty is not only to help every consumer buy or sell a home – it’s also to create a home that welcomes everyone.

No more posts.