Thoughts on Leadership: Dream a Little, Win Big

This week my travels found me in Park City, UT and Salt Lake City, UT, then in Southern California for team meetings at our HQ in Irvine. But instead of focusing on the business of the week, I want to instead detail my time spent in SLC, where I was honored to help present our “Love Your Home” Sweepstakes grand prize winner, Aaron Zimmerman, of Sandy, UT, with a $50,000 check. This was our third year running a “Love Your Home” Sweepstakes, (held in conjunction with HGTV), and we set a new Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices record with an astounding 5.7 million entrants, 77% above last year’s sweepstakes registration.

With such an incredible number of entries, you might think, “There’s no chance I’d ever win!” But someone must win, someone did win and for 2017 that person was Aaron Zimmerman. Beyond being a serendipitous moment for Zimmerman, his win marks a three-year-long turn of true serendipity for our Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sweepstakes. Each year, our winner was someone who will use the money in an impactful, substantial way. Let me explain …

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Renting vs. Buying a Home

By Bryn Huntpalmer

Navigating the housing market and rental landscape can be an overwhelming and tricky task. There are so many factors to consider that when you are ready to finally take the plunge and decide, rent or buy, you might not even know where to begin!

I can certainly understand your struggle, so in an effort to help you make the best decision possible I broke down the process into an easy-to-read list of pros and cons for both. Just make sure to invite me to the housewarming party, OK?

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The Apex of Luxury: Eagle Ridge Estate

Featuring the elite listings of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Luxury Collection

We all know and covet them … those grand, elegant, timeless properties around the world, but what makes a property undoubtedly magical, awe-inspiring, and sets it apart from all others? Most of us would agree a truly unique luxury property is determined by the setting, the endless possibilities, and the day-to-day lifestyle that the property affords.

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How to Lose a Client in Five Ways


By Carl Guild

Want to succeed in real estate?

I’ve got two words for you: client retention.

Some of you may say that we don’t want to retain our clients. We want them in and out. Well, the truth is you want to retain your clients FOREVER. You want their inventory in and out, but the relationship must remain so you can represent them for every deal, every real estate milestone, and receive those all-important referrals. Don’t believe me? All right, have it your way.

Here are five surefire ways to make sure your client relationship doesn’t last:

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A First-Time Homebuyers’ Dilemma: When Getting it Right Doesn’t Work


By Chuck MacPhee

In my last post, I detailed all the ways to help secure your dream home as a first-time buyer.

But what happens when you do everything right—work with a competent agent, get your preapproval and go through the full mortgage underwriting process—and still don’t get your dream house?

I’d like to say this scenario will never happen but the reality is that it’s actually very common and often no one’s fault beyond the market. A lot of places across the country are experiencing strong seller markets, with homes often receiving multiple offers within the first few days (or hours) they are listed.

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