Ten Ways to Make ‘The Home’ Stick

By Todd Waller

Current real estate buyers … this post is about you.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to talk badly about you. In fact, we are going to discuss the things you do when you find ‘The Home.’ We are also going to discuss those things that sellers should be aware of when they place their home on the market to attract you to write an offer. Heck, those sellers were once buyers, right?

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A New Chapter: re_defining Real Estate

By Kyle Rank

“I’ve been selling real estate for longer than you’ve been alive!”

This was the common mantra I used to hear (often accompanied by eye rolling) when I spoke about changing the industry with new concepts as a fresh-faced 21-year-old agent. I may have been the youngest agent in my office by more than 10 years, but I was still keenly aware that many saw my inexperience as a serious liability, even if I knew I had something to offer.

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Diving In:  Advice to New Agents

By Carrie Foley

With summer in full swing, I like to spend my time off at the pool.

Recently, I was watching a timid child try to swim. I could only imagine how the depth and the vastness of the pool probably seemed frightening and overwhelming to a beginner. The child clung to the edge of the pool watching the others swim about. She spent more time sitting on the side than in the water.

She eventually got up the courage to jump in.

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How to Lose a Client in Five Ways


By Carl Guild

Want to succeed in real estate?

I’ve got two words for you: client retention.

Some of you may say that we don’t want to retain our clients. We want them in and out. Well, the truth is you want to retain your clients FOREVER. You want their inventory in and out, but the relationship must remain so you can represent them for every deal, every real estate milestone, and receive those all-important referrals. Don’t believe me? All right, have it your way.

Here are five surefire ways to make sure your client relationship doesn’t last:

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Misconceptions of Millennial Communication

By Melissa Kandel

A friend asked me yesterday if it was possible to sprain her thumbs from excessive text messaging.

“Of course you can’t,” I told her confidently, even though I had no idea. She shrugged, satisfied, and returned to her phone. We had met for a late afternoon coffee and these were our first words exchanged. For the better part of an hour, we sat in the corner of an almost-empty café, untouched lattes between us, phones in hand, silent except for the soft taps of fingertips on glass screens. Was this really the portrait of modern friendship?

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