A First-Time Homebuyers’ Dilemma: When Getting it Right Doesn’t Work


By Chuck MacPhee

In my last post, I detailed all the ways to help secure your dream home as a first-time buyer.

But what happens when you do everything right—work with a competent agent, get your preapproval and go through the full mortgage underwriting process—and still don’t get your dream house?

I’d like to say this scenario will never happen but the reality is that it’s actually very common and often no one’s fault beyond the market. A lot of places across the country are experiencing strong seller markets, with homes often receiving multiple offers within the first few days (or hours) they are listed.

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REthinking Your Marketing Plan

Headshot Lynn Minnick

By Lynn Minnick

If there’s one thing you take away from my post today, let it be this: Change is good. No, change is great. How do I know? Well, I recently made some changes to my business practices and I can already see the positive results. Let me explain …

I write a marketing plan each year as part of my strategic business planning but it’s a good idea every once in a while to revisit it and see what improvements I can make. I recently took a hard look at my goals and decided to make some much-needed changes. Here they are:

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The Great Debate: Old vs. New Homes


By Jessica Botkin

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of old vs. new in real estate.

Ask yourself, do you enjoy a home with character and timeless style? Or, are you a fan of the starting-from-scratch approach, which begins from the ground up—literally—and creates something new, modern, sleek and, energy efficient?

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