Harmonizing Hashtags: Thoughts on a Social Media Icon

Headshot Nicolle Davis

By Nicolle Davis

You know what the hashtag is, right?

It’s this thing: #

I always knew it as a musical symbol, a tic-tac-toe or the pound sign on a phone. But over the past few years, this familiar symbol has taken on an entirely new significance in an entirely new space ─ online media.

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Time to Celebrate: Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!


By Kim Gellalty

Each year on this special day, I take time to recognize the hard work of my administrator and administrative team.

If you have an excellent administrative assistant, you know he or she is invaluable. Your administrative assistant is the one who holds down the office as you race across town to show a buyer a new listing that may have 10 offers on it already; he or she is the person you can count on to write that last-minute addendum to include the seller’s cat because you completely forgot that your buyers wanted little Fluffy. As life savers and organizers, administrative assistants are more than just extra help; they’re the backbone of your business, helping you build a successful real estate career now and well into the future.

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My Love Affair with Cloud Computing


By Carl Guild

Is the title for this blog post a little drastic? Maybe. But maybe not.

Let me break it down for you: Cloud computing has helped me increase my productivity exponentially and has completely changed my life. Because of cloud computing, I’m able to spend more time at home with my family. Everything is organized, efficient and simple. Cloud computing is always there when I need it to be, through the good times and the bad. Love is the only description that fits.

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The Curious Case of Seller’s Markets: How First-Time Buyers Can Still Secure Their Dream Home


By Chuck MacPhee

It was 2005.

I was two years out of college, had a great consulting job, traveled the country, and got married. So what do you think the first thing this financially stable, 20-something newlywed did? Well, he fulfilled the all-American dream and purchased a home, of course.

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Does the Right Office Space Attract the Right People?

 Why Office Design is More Important than Ever


By Player Murray

It wasn’t too long ago that many of us in the real estate business felt like we were heading toward a completely “mobile” business. Nowadays, we can do practically everything from our phones, tablets and laptops, and going “paperless” has become more and more common. Given how much business we can accomplish on the go, it would stand to reason that the physical office space is becoming less important to our agents, but I propose that just the opposite is true.

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