How to Enhance Your Listings’ Web Appeal

Margaux Pelegrin

By Margaux Pelegrin

 I live in Philadelphia where snow has become a four letter word.

February is traditionally the beginning of our ‘spring market’ and yet here we are at the end of the month and nothing feels like spring! Each week brings a new threat of yet another snow storm – keeping kids home from school, parents on the brink of insanity and buyers behind their computers trolling the Internet for new listings instead of walking through streets to look at properties.

While the winter weather is no doubt to blame for decreased inventory and sales, many popular real estate websites are reporting a 25% increase in traffic from December. But cold weather troubles aside, a lot of buyers are starting their home searches on the web, which means our web presentation of listings is more important than ever.

With that in mind, here are some tips to optimize your listings’ web appeal.

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New School Technology, Old School Techniques

Sam Guillen

By Sam Guillen

 I love ‘new school’ technology.

Some would say I’m addicted. I’d say I’m eager to adapt what’s new. After a long and productive day at work, who wouldn’t want to set the temperature for an evening bath from a tablet device? Or, watch your son smack a homerun at his baseball game from your cell phone while you’re at a business conference 2,000 miles away?

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